Yoga Asanas for Holistic Health

Yoga Asanas for Holistic Health

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This article is in two parts.Part IPart II

Why yoga asanas? If that is the intrigue with which you clicked through to reach this page, take heart! I am as keen to explain as you are to find answers to that question!

Let me begin by asking you a few questions (just to get my focus right):

What is your primary motivation for taking up yoga exercises?

Treatment for illness? (diabetes, blood pressure, gastric disorders, weakness of memory and so on)

How have you benefited & what is your overall experience?

How do you compare yoga with other forms of exercise?

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On this site, I share information for motivating people to change to a healthy lifestyle. My idea of health is holistic health-not merely the health, fitness and good looks as manifested by your body but also the overall well being achieved through a controlled mind. Yoga is by far the best method for achieving such holistic health.

The practice of Yoga asanas, the origin of which is established to be Indian has now spread everywhere in the world. Millions of people now practice yoga exercises having been taught by thousands who themselves have received training. There are now yoga schools, institutes and teachers in many parts of the world. There are also online video & MP3 courses to help you learn yoga asanas as if taught live in class rooms.Image credit: Nicholas_T

Compared with many other forms of physical exercises, yoga asanas have certain distinct advantages. Simply put, these exercises are not mere perplexing body twists, bends and body balancing feats. The difference stems from the very essence of performing yoga asanas as enunciated in the yoga sutras (principles): the movements are coordinated closely with breathing. In fact, each movement forming part of an asana has a specific breathing aspect assigned viz. inhalation, pause, exhalation and to their respective duration. The second significant point of difference is that yoga asanas, unlike other forms of exercise are performed with slower movements, pauses and mandatory relaxation breaks between one asana to the next.Yoga is an excellent way of managing mind, body & soul. You could join an online yoga program and adopt the teachings into your routine. Joy Winkler of Universal Joy offers personalized online classes with a good philosophy which are fun and inspirational that will bring you joy all for your budget & schedule. Check out how to awaken your joyCharry Morris, Yoga Instructor to the United States Ski Team

athletes and numerous other professional athletes, models,

actors, weekend warriors and everyday guys & gals offers a Yoga Weight Loss

SystemSarah Sanders, author of Brilliant Yoga offers an excellent Ebook for you to learn and practice yoga asanas

at Home. Read this article on How to Do Yoga at Home

The real purpose of yoga is to achieve a mind body balance which helps the practitioners focus inward and connect with the higher consciousness. It is important to recognize the strong connection between mind, body & soul. And the fact that it is the unhindered flow of blood carrying life force through to each & every part of the human body that alone can help maintain disease free health. Mind is an integral part of the physical body and therefore for a healthy mind, a healthy body is a must.

True yoga philosophy aims to detach the mind from worldly impulses and encourages union of the individual self with the supreme by which the individual can attain & experience absolute bliss.This article is in two parts.Part IPart II

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