Hell’s Kitchen USA : Season 9: Episode 8 – Part 2/3

Hell’s Kitchen USA : Season 9: Episode 8 – Part 2/3

Answers to all of your questions about nutrition.

Hell’s Kitchen USA : Season 9: Episode 8 – Part 2/3

I came across this video about healthy foods the other day and thought that you might find it interesting.

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it is utterly amazing how must RESPECT GR show U.S. service men.

Jonathon is such a puss. What a big baby.

im tired of jonathan blaming everyone else for his shit.

I wouldn’t mind elise’s big mouth, if I was in bed with her. Damn she’s hot!!!

Elise: ‘Carrie didn’t do anything to help win this challenge’. Neither did she – her dish looked like it hit the floor and didn’t get a point for the team.

Jonathan: ‘right now I’m worried about Jonathan. I got babies to take care at home.’ He seems sure he’s not winning Hell’s Kitchen. Take a high dose of ibuprofin and get on with it.

@TheAlexis1234555 LOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Made me laugh hard!

dave was the best winner by far. and most exciting season.

05:43 women getting excited about cooking. Now THAT I like to see

i hate elise but she’s so right about carrie. lousy bummer.

jonaton,tommy must leave these two idiots should be sentenced to stupidity!

@shsqld90 I bow at your powers of deductive reasoning. And sense of humor.

I would like to see Obama invited onto the show as VIP

Ok, I got the point. They want to show the behind-the-kitchen scenes. But this ‘ain’t’ big brother and the vision of fat girls on antiquated bra’s… definitively a bad sight.

@SHARKOON752 so your a guy and your old? ew

Carrie and Jonathan are really annoying.

When someone didn’t work because of back pain I cannot help thinking about that badass Dave of season 6, who worked all the season and won it with a broken wrist.

Jonathan is so cuddly and manly that makes me wish I was a girl and 20 years younger!!!

3:32 baby bay-bee, uh Elisse B.I.G. – Juicy

Pizza with honey and truffle oil???

@TheVokality yeah she’s actually hot imo, still being a major bitch of course

@TheVokality Nah, they’re niggerish and probably smell of AIDS.

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