Houseboat Horror

Houseboat Horror

I’ve always had very vivid dreams. I keep a lot of them to myself, because sometimes they’re a tad insane, and you never know when three of your friends are going to get together and decide to commit you.

I sometimes wonder what a psychologist would make of them, but I can usually work it out for myself. Take the one I had last night. I was living on a badly built, leaky houseboat. Every time anyone walked on it, it would tilt to the side and my possessions would fall in the water and float away. Oddly, the only time I was really bothered was when my pink explorer socks drifted off, and I had to dive in and save them. It also had some crazy adjuncts about eBay, and something to do with this site being stolen. I may, or may not have woken up drooling.

Since I have a valuer coming to inspect my house at 1pm tomorrow, I think I may be a little preoccupied with my home of thirteen years, and how fragile my relationship with it might be. Either that, or I really love those pink explorers. I thought I’d been doing a good job of staying chilled out, but it’s clearly in my thoughts, at least subconsciously.

I even had an anxiety dream about the CPR course on Monday, because I wasn’t sure how long it would take to ride from Hunt’s to North Melbourne (and I’m notoriously bad at reading the Melways). In my dream, I forgot my second appointment and headed off, getting a phone call later from my client, who was embroiled in some mad problem and needed rescuing.

I don’t feel consciously stressed by any of it, yet my brain is a total traitor, and works on it’s own mad agenda. I suppose it’s not all bad, because at least I get some good stories out of it - except for the drooling part. Anyway, tomorrow afternoon I will get a better idea of what’s going on, and no doubt my dreams will let me know what I really think about it all.