Health tips for staying mobile as you age

Health tips for staying mobile as you age

As we age, it can be easy to feel like being more sedentary. Our bodies may creak and it seems easier to pull a muscle doing the simplest of tasks. But avoiding exercise is not the answer. Lack of exercise can actually do more harm than good as we age; without regular exercise your core body strength can deplete and this can lead to difficulty balancing, meaning a higher likelihood of falls and accidents.

The key to staying supple in those golden years is to stay as mobile as possible. While you may not feel like exercising and even the idea of strenuous exercise makes you break out in a sweat; don’t worry, you don’t need to be mountain biking or attending high intensity aerobics classes to stay active. You just need to be smart in your exercise choices.

There are many forms of exercise that don’t take up a lot of time and you can fit them around your lifestyle. Often just a walk around the block daily can help to keep you active and if you have a dog, a walk to the park and back with your favourite furry friend can lift your mood as well as keeping your joints supple.

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Swimming can be a useful activity to take up as the water cushions your joints and muscles and gives your body a good workout without falls or trying to master complicated routines. If you do want to do some aerobics, there are often aqua aerobics classes that take place in the pool and these classes can be a great place to meet new people as well as getting healthy exercise. Check your local area for details.

Even your stairs can be used to provide healthy exercise without even leaving your home; simply walking up and down stairs a few times a day if possible can help tone the muscles in your legs and there are many arm exercises that can be performed using tinned goods or bottled water as weights.

If you or your partner use a wheelchair and have a wheelchair lift instead of stairs in your home, there are many exercises that can be done sitting down so if you are looking to keep your joints supple when using a wheelchair, speak to your healthcare provider to get the best exercises for your health condition.

It may seem easier to rest more as you age and while rest is important in any lifestyle; make sure that you add regular exercise to your routine to ensure that you stay fit and healthy in your golden years.