Past Successes

Past Successes

Past Successes

Zimmerman Reed has been involved in several major complex litigations and class actions over the past twenty five years, and has successfully represented thousands of clients in cases involving consumer fraud, products liability, environmental, securities, employee rights and benefits, and mass tort litigation. Some of our more notable cases include:


  • Airport Noise - Zimmerman Reed represented homeowners whose property was within a certain distance of the MSP International Airport. The lawsuit, filed against the Metropolitan Airports Commission ("MAC"), alleged that MAC breached a promise to provide noise mitigation to certain homes surrounding the Minneapolis-St. Paul Intl. Airport after the decision was made to expand rather than build another location. Weeks before trial, a settlement was reached with the MAC and then with the Cities who were also seeking to enforce promises made, providing noise mitigation for more than 9,500 homes in the areas surrounding the International Airport.
  • Minot Train Derailment - On January 18, 2002, the largest release of anhydrous ammonia in U.S. History occurred when a Canadian Pacific Railway train derailed in Minot, North Dakota. Zimmerman Reed currently represents hundreds of individuals injured by the release and was able to help obtain $1.2 million in jury verdict in Minneapolis, MN on behalf of two clients.
  • MTBE - Since 2003, we have worked with other environmental lawyers, on behalf of numerous municipalities across the country whose water was contaminated with MTBE. MTBE (methyl tert-butyl ether), a gasoline additive, can affect water''s taste and odor making it undrinkable. A global settlement was reached in 2009 with the oil companies on behalf of the various plaintiffs, including five municipalities represented by Zimmerman Reed.

Consumer Protection

  • National Computer Systems - Zimmerman Reed filed a lawsuit against National Computer Systems who had incorrectly scored standardized tests resulting in 7,997 students being told they failed the math section of their Basic Standards Test. Just days before trial, the case settled for more than $12 million.
  • Pilot Flying J - A settlement was reached in a lawsuit regarding whether or not Pilot Flying J diesel truck stops were issuing proper payment to individuals and businesses participating in the company’s fuel rebate and discount program. The settlement guarantees compensation of unpaid rebates and discounts from the class period as well as an additional 6% interest per year that the Principal rebate was unpaid for all eligible class members.

Product Liability

  • Baycol - Co-Lead Counsel achieving a $1.15 billion settlement for 2,500 clients who had significant injury after taking the cholesterol lowering drug, Baycol.
  • Guidant - Negotiated a nationwide $240 million settlement for 8,500 patients after the Guidant heart defibrillator recall.
  • Levaquin - Case taken to trial. $1.8 million jury verdict for our client for Achilles tendon rupture while on Levaquin.
  • Medtronic - $95.6 million settlement on behalf of 2,682 patients who had faulty Medtronic heart defibrillators.
  • Tobacco Litigation - Acting as part of the Castano Group (a consortium of 65 class action law firms from across the country) Zimmerman Reed participated in filing the first class action against the Tobacco industry. This lawsuit led to the filing of Attorneys General cases and, ultimately, led to a historic national settlement in June 1997.
  • Zicam - $27 million settlement for clients who lost their sense of smell arising out of their use of the Zicam Cold Remedy Nasal Gel product.


  • Minnesota Corn Processors (MCP) Litigation - Former Minnesota Corn Processors, Inc. shareholders filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of investors to seek recovery of all gains illegally and improperly obtained by the Defendants as a result of their wrongful conduct. Judge Rodenberg granted final approval of the proposed $5.75 million Settlement on April 18, 2005.

Employee Rights and Benefits

  • Daud, et al. v. Gold''n Plump Poultry, Inc.- $1.35 million settlement for employees facing religious discrimination in the workplace.
  • Frank, et al. v. Gold''n Plump Poultry, Inc. - Employer change of practices and $2.65 million monetary settlement for Minnesota and Wisconsin employees who were not paid for time spent performing work before and after paid shifts.
  • Grabman, et al. v. Brakebush Brothers, Inc. - Employer change of practices and $675,000 settlement for employees who were not paid for time spent performing work before and after paid shifts, and who were not properly paid for work performed during meal breaks.
  • Milner, et al. v. Farmers Insurance Exchange - $1.5 million settlement after a jury found that insurance claims adjusters in Minnesota had been misclassified as exempt from overtime.
  • Phelps, et al. v. Green Bay Dressed Beef, LLC - Employer change of practices and $1.175 million settlement for employees who were not paid for time spent performing work before and after paid shifts.
  • Robinson, et al. v. Novellus Systems, Inc. - Settlement for field service engineers in California and Oregon who had been misclassified as exempt from overtime.


  • Ovation Pharmaceuticals - The parties reached a settlement in June 2011 on behalf of hospitals, pharmacies and health care organizations who directly purchased Indocin or NeoProfen from Defendant Ovation Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and/or Lundbeck, Inc.