Happiness for couples is virtually impossible without a satisfying sex life.

Happiness for couples is virtually impossible without a satisfying sex life.

We all expect a satisfying sex life to happen automatically and to last for ever. But unfortunately it doesn’t. Dr. Phil McGraw (Dr. Phil of Oprah fame) states that as high as 75% of all couples have problems in their sex life. And Dr. David Satcher, the former U.S. Surgeon General notes that “...our nation is suffering in so many ways because of our failure to address human sexuality”. Isn’t it amazing just how much knowledge and expertise we can exhibit in our professional lives but, when it comes to those basics that can make us either happy or unhappy, we are completely helpless.

We have to accept the facts of life.
Our sexual youth peaks at age 20. From then on, we all experience a decline in our sexual abilities and desires. The Mount Sinai School of Medicine newsletter states that 50% of all men over 40 have performance problems, either all the time or at least periodically. Today we know there are about 40 million men in North America that are sexually frustrated. Add another 40 million wives that are very unhappy – if the woman is unhappy, the whole family is unhappy. Furthermore, if the marriage is stressed or breaks up, the rest of the family including the children suffer. Out of 300 million people, 100 million suffer – 1/3 of the population. This is what Dr. Satcher is talking about. We have, ourselves, had many letters from men as young as their 30s, desperate because they cannot function sexually with any reliability. But this isn’t just a male problem. Women, too, experience challenges in the sexual arena. For them, the challenge isn’t poor performance, it’s low libido, or a lack of interest in sex. This inability to perform, to connect with the opposite sex in the most basic of ways, can be very debilitating. It can cause acute anxiety, frustration, and depression. And the quest for a solution can be very expensive.

The good news is that we remain sexual beings for as long as we live, and can – with a little help – continue to enjoy a healthy sexual lifestyle throughout our later years.

And the best news is, there is a solution. A safe, economical, and effective solution. Nokomis Research Inc. has developed a series of products designed specifically to work with the body to improve the body’s ability to function well sexually. Without the expense and side effects of drugs, without the use of the vast array of unproven herbal remedies or aphrodisiacs, the Nokomis products get right to the source of sexual dysfunction. And they do so naturally and with minimal cost.

Eroxil™ For Men At last! A unique, naturally-based product that addresses the cause, not the symptoms like drugs, of male sexual dysfunction. The result of years of extensive research, Eroxil™ works with the body’s own natural processes to help rejuvenate the entire sexual reproductive system – sperm production, libido, performance. And without the side effects normally associated with drugs.

Eroxil™ should be taken on a regular basis, one tablet a day. Most men will notice a visible difference within just a few days. But because Eroxil™ works within the 90 day sperm production cycle to regenerate cell growth, others may require several weeks to achieve their goals. Once the desired level of performance is attained, only a maintenance dose is necessary.

Nokomis products are completely different from other natural products in this field. They are in a class by themselves. Most men and women are delighted with their newfound sexual health. Many people wrote us saying that none of the other natural products they’ve tried worked in a useful way, such as Ginseng, Muira Puama, Yohimbe, Guarana, Damiana, Punctervine (also called Tribulus Terrestris), Avena Satina, L-Arginine and many others. Some of these may work a little bit. However, Eroxil™ offers more than just a ‘little bit’ of help. (Aso See Erosyn For Women).

TIME MAGAZINE wrote a feature article by a medical doctor saying that virility prescription drugs work only in 60% of all cases. Nokomis products work as well or better for men and women as they rejuvenate the whole sexual reproductive system. Most men and women can function sexually like when they were younger. What makes Nokomis products different is the fact that there are no side effects, they are safe as certified by Wayne State University as well as other research facilities and studies done by Dr. Joseph Kozak M.D. There is no timing or scheduling needed similar to drugs. Once it starts working you are ready anytime like in your younger days. Nokomis products are not affected by food or drinks or medications. Keep in mind though that alcohol does slow down all body functions and may affect performance.

75% of customers have excellent results in a few days, a week or a few weeks. The actual rejuvenation time of the sexual reproductive system is 90 days for men and women and after 90 days the success rate is still higher. All cells in our body renew for men and women in a 54-64 day cycle. Whether the rejuvenation goes fast or slowly depends solely on the person’s sexual health and is not the fault of the product. The Nokomis market study established that the products worked well in a high majority of cases. Men or women over 150 lbs may need two tablets at a time. Others may need only 1 tablet every few days, once they start working, as in the example of Richard Loff, Age 73, Nampa, Idaho, who says it’s fantastic! It depends on the person.

Some men with MS, KS, RA, diabetics, quadriplegics or after surgeries have greater difficulties finding sexual fulfillment
It is very gratifying that Eroxil™ and Erosyn™ are helping also people that have, due to their illnesses, greater difficulties than most people finding sexual satisfaction. However, they do want and need sexual release for their physical and mental well-being.

Andropause in a man’s middle age
Everybody knows the word “menopause” as a period women have to deal with in their middle age years. A man’s body goes through similar major physical changes. One testimonial below says it best. He felt a loss of energy, strength, abdominal muscle tone changes and less zest for life. Most men simply ignore these changes. They only get really worried when they start having erection problems, which is only a part of the andropause changes all men go through. 50% of men over 40 have erection problems says The Mount Sinai School of Medicine newsletter. Eroxil™, he says, changed all his androgenic complaints. Men may feel like when they were much younger. Eroxil™ may restore that youthful energy that is starting to vane in the andropause years.
Dr. Frank Sweet, M.D. and N.D.
Medical assessment of Eroxil and Erosyn

As a licensed physician for twenty years, a former paramedic and master herbalist I believe Nokomis Research Inc. has finally achieved the impossible. The have, in a unique way, addressed the issues of infertility, sexual atrophy (vaginal dryness and muscle deterioration), low sperm count, depression and loss of an enthusiastic attitude, brain shrinkage, loss of sexual desire and the critically important relationship of low testosterone as a cause of inflammatory prostitis and prostate cancer.

Eroxil™ for men and Erosyn™ for women have been specifically developed with patented and naturally based compounds that are both plant and animal derived. Why is this important? It allows these innovative products to copy exactly the natural molecules produced by the human body. The production of testosterone (the primary sexual hormone for both men and women) starts in the hypothalamus and pituitary of the brain which send out important chemicals to stimulate the natural production of hormones that are in turn perfectly balanced in a feedback loop to the very brain that initiated the hormone production. No dangerous synthetic drugs or harsh plants that do not work harmoniously with the bodies entire hormonal system. Further, many of the popular drugs are implicated in heart attacks, aggressive behaviour and a potential and a potential cause of both prostate disease and breast cancer in susceptible people.

Bio-identical nutrients or phytonutrients reestablish normal sexual function for both men and women with the added bonus of increased sperm production for men who suffer from problems of infertility. Eroxil™ and Erosyn™ are the only products that I am aware of that are totally natural, backed by years of research and mimic the human body’s natural hormone production from the brain to the sexual glands and use all natural phytonutrients that prevent inflammatory disease or cancer.

In our anti-aging clinic hormone theraphy is an integral part of your vitality and youth. We believe you should do all in your power to protect that vitality.
MEN OF ALL AGES ARE DELIGHTED! True testimonials with full names and towns:
No money is paid for testimonials. However, we offer a free Bell product if we may use the testimonial in our promotions so we can help other people to improve their quality of life.

Delighted with Eroxil
Eroxil succeeds where all other products I’ve tried failed. No side effects whatsoever. Wife’s comments: “You’re like no one else of any age”. George Sanders, 60, Mount Shasta, CA

Fantastic results with Eroxil
After using Eroxil for 5 days: BINGO! Then I reduced the amount to 1 tablet every 4 days and still had great results. Had problems for 13 years. My wife is happy with our new intimacy. No side effects. Thanks! Richard Loff, Age 73, Nampa, ID

3 Bell Products improve my life tremendously
I’m now on the 3rd Bell Product and I’m always very satisfied. In the last 3 months the Bell Prostate Ezee Flow Tea brought a huge change in my daily life. I do not have to rush to the bathroom every half hour and have a normal life again. This was extremely frustrating. Four weeks ago I started to take Eroxil and it has improved my sex life. At 82 I feel like a young man again. I’m also using your Bell Constriction Rings to keep my erection extra long and can give complete satisfaction to my partner. I’ve recommended your products to all my friends and they get the same satisfaction at our advanced age. They can all use them and are grateful to me. Life is good again. Roger Arseneau, 82, Trois Rivieres, QC

At 20 started to have libido problems
For about 1 year I had libido problems and my girlfriend complained a lot. Within 5 days after taking Eroxil all problems were gone. I had hard erections again and lasted for a long time. I’m so happy I found your miracle product. It’s fantastic. Now I want to do it 4 times a day. Thank you for saving our relationship. I recommend it to other couples that have similar problems. Brian Rodgers, 20, Maniwaki, QC

Eroxil is better than all others
I’ve used your product for 9 days and I’m pleased. Eroxil is better than all the products of your competitors. I’ve tried them all!! Continue to develop products that help people enjoying their life to the fullest. Jean Durand, 76, Saint-Foy, QC

Male sex clinics and testosterone pills no good
I’m a 77 year old man who had libido difficulties for many years and have been to male sex clinics and taken testosterone pills to no avail. Eroxil brought back joyful feelings I believed lost for me forever. My lady friend is all excited about my taking Eroxil. Thank you very much. INGREDIENTS: The primary active ingredients in these Nokomis products are amines found in such plant foods as oats, cucumbers and radishes. Amines are essential elements for cellular and tissue growth and regeneration.

USAGE: 1 tablet per day.
FDA approved for sale.

Eroxil™is guaranteed to work better than any other natural product you have tried or Nokomis refunds your money directly to you.

World-wide patent-protected by the principals of Nokomis Research Inc. “Our goal is to have our products recognized as a ‘first-line-action’ for enhancing sexual health and reproductivity”. New research and clinical observations indicate a potential for the Nokomis products to further act as anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory agents – effective in the treatment of prostatitis – and it helps to protect against testicular cancer. “Sex improves our overall health, our self-esteem, and our joy of life. Our mission at Nokomis is to assist those millions of men and women, who may have difficulty in achieving that, to live happier and more sexually satisfying lives”.

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, but rather are supplements intended for nutritional support.

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