Does sex hurt the first time? What are the precautions for having sex the first time?

The first time, the intercourse may or may not be painful for a woman. It is basically breaking of the hymen that causes the pain. If a woman is properly aroused at the time of penetration it lessens the pain to a great extent. Any kind of doubt regarding the partner, place or timing of lovemaking, can make it hurt more than it normally does. Using a water-based lubricant helps in reducing the pain.

What is the G-spot and where is it?

G-spot refers to the most erotic zone of the female body. It is the highly sensitive part that is located within the vaginal opening. G-spot stimulation can also lead a rare ejaculation in women. The significance of the G-spot is that it is a highly sensitive area that can be very pleasurable if stimulated.

What is the clitoris and where is it?

It is a small organ consisting mainly of highly sensitive nerves and is located near the opening of the vagina. It is responsible for sexual excitement in women. It''s a small part that plays an important role in achieving an orgasm.

What is oral sex? Can oral sex lead to pregnancy?

Oral sex refers to stimulation of the genitalia using lips and tongue. It includes kissing, sucking and licking. It does not include penetrative sex and therefore does not lead to pregnancy but can be infectious.

Is it okay to have sex during periods?

Sex during periods is absolutely normal. People in general avoid sex during periods because its messy. But the fact is that women experience a higher sex drive when they are menstruating. Also sex during periods is more enjoyable as the vagina is soft and moist.

What is a Fallopian Tube?

Fallopian tubes refer to the two narrow tubes that carry the egg from the ovary to the uterus.

Are vaginal secretions normal?

Yes it is normal to have secretions at times. These secretions keep the vagina clean, help prevent infection, and provide lubrication during sexual arousal and intercourse.

What to do if i miss my periods?

If you are in a sexual relationship, first thing to do when you miss your periods is to check for pregnancy. If you have just started or stopped taking a pill, your body might be just reacting to foreign entrants, or the absence of a familiar body respectively. For a virgin, missing a period might imply hormonal imbalance, sudden change in lifestyle, some undiagnosed disease or infection.

What are the chances of pregnancy if my guy uses a condom?

Condoms are largely successful at preventing pregnancy. But there is always a probability of a condom getting torn while sex. In such a case, nothing can be guaranteed and its advised to go for an emergency contraceptive.



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