The Pre Pregnancy Planner

The Pre Pregnancy Planner

Folic Acid for Pre - Pregnancy Days - the Vital Vitamin

What is folic acid and why is folic acid required for pre-pregnancy days? Folic Acid is a B vitamin that the body uses to make new cells. This is always in short supply in the body; the body does not store much of it. But you need it to stay healthy. Pregnant women need this vitamin even more than others. Diet and nutrition planning are necessary during pregnancy period. Foods that contain folic acid or are fortified with it are green leafy vegetables, such as peas, French beans, legumes, broccoli and spinach. Citrus fruits, peanuts, whole grains, white flour, nuts, bananas, grapefruit and some fortified cereals also contain folic acid. It’s very important that during pregnancy planning folic acid supplements are taken. As soon as you begin planning your pregnancy, start taking its tablets, if you have an unplanned pregnancy, take them as soon as you realize you are pregnant. Folic acid tablets should be continued till the 12th week of your pregnancy.

Why Take Folic Acid?

This is because; the unborn baby’s spinal cord, brain and skull require folic acid for them to form properly. When folic acid is not enough in the system, the baby’s spinal cord is malformed. This is called Spina Bifida.

The Right Dosage

Usually, doctors recommend 400 micrograms a day for pre-pregnancy care. It could be 500 micrograms for those women, who have a higher risk of having a baby with a spinal cord defect. A higher risk could be because of a previous birth of a baby with a spinal cord defect. It could also be because, you are taking medicine for epilepsy, you have sickle cell anemia, diabetes or thalasemia or your partner or a close relative has a spinal cord defect. That’s when your baby has more chances of developing NTD or neural tube defects. Its supplements during conception planning and once you conceive can bring down the chances of having a defective baby by 70%. It is important to note here that, folic acid is not a drug, but only a natural supplement that the body requires and is usually short off. There are no side effects involved. So don’t forget to take folic acid for pre-pregnancy days, to ensure that you have a safe and healthy nine months.

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Folic acid for pre-pregnancy days can change a baby’s life for the better. Many illnesses can be prevented by having that daily dosage of folic acid tablet that the doctor recommends at the conception planning stage of pregnancy planning. A good supplement of folic acid as part of your diet and nutrition planning is also essential for pre conception. Here is why you should know more about it if it is time for your pre pregnancy care.